Calendar, Quotes, Invoicing and On-site Payments
for trades and services

JobsDun is a software product designed for the Trade and Service industries. It stores your clients details, books your jobs in an easy to use calendar, allows you to move those jobs around, it writes and sends quotes and invoices, manages payments and takes credit card payments from site.

JobsDun allows you to accept credit card payments from your customers

What is it?

Once of our favorite JobsDun features is that it allows you to take credit card payments from site. Yes, that's right, you can accept payment from your customers by credit card and that money will go in your bank account.

JobsDun gives you the selling power of a shop and it fits in your pocket.

Why did we do it?

We have worked with a lot of different trade and service companies and no matter the size of the operation, chasing payments is a big problem. If you ever get the money, it costs you time and resources getting it. One company we spoke to said that they factor in losing $10,000 a year due to unpaid invoices.

Shops don't have that problem because people pay for their products or services on the spot. Now your customers can too.

How does it work?

We have partnered with a payment gateway company called stripe. They specialize in safe online credit card transactions.

When looking at any invoice in JobsDun there is a button that brings up our credit card payment screen. It's the same as ordering pizza online. The customer puts their credit card numbers in. The amount comes off their card and into your bank account. JobsDun.

For easy step by step instructions on how to get your stripe account set up, please click here.

Click here to sign in to you account and turn the Credit Card Payment Feature on or off.